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only ₹749.00/yr


only ₹499.00/yr


only ₹1,204.50/yr


only ₹99.00/yr


only ₹2,810.50/yr


only ₹1,237.50/yr

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Free Email Accounts

You can send and receive emails with your personalized email account. Plus, you can take advantage of FREE fraud, spam, and virus protection.

DNS Management

The service offers the fastest response time, unparalleled redundancy, and advanced security. Manage your DNS records, website location, email, sub-domains, aliases & FTP.

Domain Forwarding

Employ the services to forward your domain to any URL you select. We offer three services: direct domain forwarding, mask forwarding, and IP forwarding.

Domain Lock

When you have selected your domain, protect it by locking while preventing unauthorized transfers. This domain lock service will save your credentials and keep them secure.

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A domain name is the online address for your website. The IP address is a unique string of numbers and other characters that is used across the Internet to access websites from any device or location. Think of a domain like a contact number in your phone. Instead of typing a series of complicated numbers (IP address) into a browser, you type in a domain name. A domain name can be followed by many unique TLDs, giving you a chance to stand out online.
Your domain name is connected to a series of letters and numbers called an IP address which solidifies your online address. Domain names not only add credibility to your brand or business, but also help visitors find you online. Having a branded website can help attract visitors to your business. You can increase your online visibility through marketing and rank higher on search engines with the help of SEO. Without a domain name, people would have to remember your IP address. This could be confusing to remember or easily forgotten and would ultimately prohibit you from ever growing your website audience.

Finding an available domain name is only one part of choosing the perfect domain. Before you perform a domain name search and register a domain, you should follow certain established best practices.

Length. Keep it short; 2-3 words is ideal.

Simple. Don’t use any long or hard-to-spell words.

Keywords. Include a keyword from your industry. For example, if you sell soya beans in New Delhi, try

Avoid numbers. Numbers are hard to recall and make everything more complex.

Brand name. Include your brand name in it for maximum acknowledgement.

No, once a web address is registered, it cannot be changed. However, you may buy a new domain and move your website there.